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Image by Chris Galbraith


Silvio's passion for cooking began at the age of 14, and while he enjoyed weekends traveling and surfing the North Coast Beaches of São Paulo.

It was in Maresias Beach that he fell in love with the culinary experience of grilling meats and seafood. He would source fresh fish directly from the fisherman and prepare the freshest seafood recipes with vegetables, seasonings, and wraps of banana leaves on the grill.

Silvio's love for barbecuing grew as he purchased the best cuts of meat from the local butcher shop to prepare barbecues for his friends and family. As his BBQs gained popularity, Silvio started receiving invitations to cook at various parties in his hometown.

However, it was after he moved to Southern California in 2000 that his popularity grew, resulting in the creation of a Silvio's Brazilian Barbecue Catering Company in the South Bay area with a group of friends in 2003. The company became one of the biggest food vendors and caterers in LA, attending events like the Coachella Music Festival where they once cooked 4,000 pounds of meat (2 tons) in one weekend.

In 2008, Silvio and his friends opened their first restaurant in Hermosa Beach called Silvio's Brazilian BBQ, which remains a local favorite to this day.

In 2017, Silvio started Silvio Personal Chef, returning to his roots of cooking, and barbecuing in his clients' homes.

In 2018, he opened his newest catering company, TROPICALI Brazilian Kitchen, specializing in providing traditional Brazilian cuisine for corporations with the special touch of Chef Silvio. His small company has held large lunches throughout the Los Angeles area and has catered for corporations such as Bird Rides Inc., SIEA Sony, Paramount Studios, SoFi Stadium, Fox Sports, and others.

Silvio's journey to fulfilling his dreams was not without its challenges, but he never stopped dreaming.

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